The most comprehensive and user-friendly resource for researching, teaching, and studying psychology

ProQuest One Psychology is the most comprehensive and user-friendly resource available today designed to support the unique needs of the psychology and counseling curricula across research, teaching and learning.

This expertly curated multi-format collection reimagines the research experience for the discipline and supports multiple learning styles with essential, authoritative content spanning scholarly journals, therapy videos and counselling transcripts, with articles, news and ebooks covering psychological conditions, therapy, research concepts, tests and more.

Whether a PhD candidate searching for a validated test to use in their dissertation or research study, an undergraduate student exploring a psychological condition for the first time, or a faculty instructor seeking engaging content to support an assignment in their course, ProQuest One Psychology offers essential information delivered through a specialty interface designed to support the varied needs of those in the discipline.

ProQuest One Psychology is “one-stop-shopping” for a variety of resources including research studies, theories, therapies, tests & measures, and more in an all-inclusive, user-friendly interface.


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Psychology-Specific User Experience

A new interface and user experience that is tailored and designed to address the key use cases and tasks undertaken by those who are studying, teaching, and researching psychology. Content is organized to align with how psychology users approach common assignments and research questions, allowing users to find the best information faster, and explore topics more deeply.

ProQuest One Psychology Topic Pages provide foundational information on key psychology and counseling concepts, offering context and jumping off points for student assignments and deeper exploration.
There are six groups of these pages aligned to common areas of study and research: Presenting Issues, Therapeutic Approaches, Research Concepts, Test & Measures, Historical Psychological Experiments, and Featured Topics.

Authoritative Multi-format Content

An expertly curated collection of information across a variety of content formats that supports the diverse requirements of psychology and counseling users, from undergraduates to advanced researchers and faculty.

Authoritative content spanning scholarly journals, therapy videos, counselling transcripts, news, dissertations, research methodologies and more, provide users with a single location to explore the discipline.

See What’s In ProQuest One Psychology


See What’s In ProQuest One Psychology

Content to suit a diverse range of users, whether a PhD candidate searching for a validated test to use in their dissertation, an undergraduate student exploring a psychological condition for the first time, or an instructor seeking engaging content to support an assignment in their course.

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ProQuest One Psychology is an intuitive solution for the discipline, accessible on one platform with one stop access to articles, books, and videos

Amanda Dykema-Engblade, Ph.D., Department Chair, Northeastern Illinois University

Who is using ProQuest One Psychology?

First-year undeclared major

Taking a required Introduction to Psychology course and has to choose a psychology area for their end-of-term presentation but doesn’t know where to start.

Uses the “Featured Topics” page to browse common topics, narrowing their choice and seeing overviews and content for each, helping them to make their decision.

Counseling instructor

Needs to update course materials for the upcoming semester and is seeking videos depicting clients of varied ethnicities and backgrounds, etc.

Uses the “Presenting Issues” or “Therapeutic Approaches” topic pages. Uses the Advanced Video Search to further limit to BIPOC clients/patients and can see transcripts and videos of experienced counselors conducting interviews.

Psychology graduate student

Has to locate an article to cite for an assignment that uses a specific statistical test.

Browses the ProQuest One Psychology Research Concepts topic pages and locates Linear Regression from the available list. Clicks into the Linear Regression topic page and selects a scholarly journal article from the card.

Psychology PhD student

Must identify a validated test to use for their thesis/dissertation.

Navigates to the ProQuest One Psychology Tests & Measures topic pages and browses from the available list. Uses “Tests & Measures” advanced search to limit to validated tools measuring the construct of depression.

First-year psychology major

Must identify and critique a well-known historical psychological experiment. Clicks on the “Historical Psychological Experiments” topic pages. Views and cites original archival materials from the Bobo Doll Experiment finding.

它一个心理学非常容易烤焦ch and navigate. The access to journal articles and videos of therapy sessions are extremely valuable for helping graduate students understand the science behind therapeutic techniques and learn ways to implement those techniques

Psychology Instructor, University focused on advanced healthcare education and research

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